Luke's 500km Challenge

By Luke Robertson

The April Project - 500km in 1 month - For mum

It seems as though anyone you talk to has been affected or knows of someone who has been impacted by cancer. Yet this does not dilute the suffering and heartbreak of its effect. Bowel cancer is no exception, being the second most common cause of cancer-related deaths in Australia, stripping people of a mate, an uncle, a grandparent, a sibling or a parent. The most heartbreaking bowel cancer statistic of all is that it can be 99% treated successfully if caught early enough.

In 2019 however, the thing that I, somewhat naively, disregarded as an improbable nightmare became a reality. My mum was unexpectedly diagnosed with bowel cancer. As an unaware 16-year-old and a perception of your parents that seem indestructible, the reality of the situation never sunk in. To tell you the truth, it still hasn’t. After battling for 4 years Mum could no longer put on a brave face, passing on April 26th, 4 days after her 54th birthday, making April a very special month for me and my family.

Nothing really prepares you for the realization of going through life and all its milestones without a Mum by your side, yet something so commonly robbed of people at the hand of cancer. Despite all she went through she always remained strong and positive, even at the most trying of times, a trait I hope to continue on. It is something I never really talk about and for many this part of my life may be unknown to them. I don’t intend for it to put the spotlight on me or even Mum to be completely honest, simply hoping to make something positive out of, what has been a tough situation, in true mum fashion.

I have always wanted to do something in Mum’s honour in the hope that it can support future families. In the last few months with Mum, I talked about wanting to do a marathon, however, for some delusional reason, it now seems that a marathon would be far too sensible. I’m a below-average runner, a seriously poor cyclist and an even worse swimmer, so naturally the logical decision is to do all three. In the month of April, given it’s significance to my family I intend to cover 500km. To achieve this milestone, I will be completing;




TOTAL (km) 


1 x Ironman Challenge

3.9km swim – 180.2km ride – 42.2km run



1 x Goggins Challenge

6.44 km every 4 hours for 48hrs



1 x Ultra-Marathon




2 x Olympic Triathlon

(1.5km swim – 40km ride – 10km run) x 2  



1 x Marathon



Month Total



I will be updating the journey online to hold myself accountable for those interested in following along. My donation goal is to reach $10,000, something I would be extremely humbled to achieve. Any donation big or small would be appreciated more than you could know and will go to better facilitate bowel cancer research and spread much-needed awareness on its prevention through the Jodi Lee Foundation.

My Achievements

Fundraising Page

Received 5 Donations

Reached Goal

Increased Target

My Updates

Ironman - Leg 1

Tuesday 2nd Apr

Order of Events

Tuesday 2nd Apr
Image outlines the order of events. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jenny Brown





Steve & Barb Moffatt

Good luck👍



We are cheering on Luke from your surfing group in Christchurch. Hope you raise all you hope and more.


Nic Robertson

I only have one better word than PROUD. LOVE! ….Your spirit. Your heart. Your soul. Your energy. Your ambition. Your determination. Your friends. Your success! Go get em Luke. Shooting beyond those starts as ever. X


Noah Robertson

Good luck mate 🫡


Em And Andy Toogood

Wowzers Luke 🤩 I love it - the April Project! Just like your mum too - not doing things by halves. Wishing you the very best of luck and a following wind for each and every one of the challenges 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️


The Taylors !

well done Luke many congratulations david, Kelly, maddie & James


William Edwards

Gday Mate, I played you in QLD a long time ago for Tassie and met you again when you came to a Hobart lions training. I wish you all the best for this, say Gday to Noah and Nick for me aswell. Cheers


Timothy Weir


Bell Family.

Well done Luke! I know your beautiful mum will be watching over you.


Paul And Jenny Montefiore

All the best Luke


Lachlan Clarke

Amazing Robbo! Absolute legend and all for an amazing cause. Love your work xx


Family Donnelly

Go Luke go! We'll be cheering you on all 500 km


Lauren Mellett


Meldrum Family

All the best, Luke. Much love from the Meldrum family...Stuart, Sarah, Harry & Sol


The Wingfield Family

Can't believe that you sprinted the last lap of your Ironman last night, and smashed a sub-4! (from your Christchurch support crew)


Phoenix Smith

Good on you Luke. All the best with your efforts.


Jacob Tull

Inspirational stuff my friend!


The Uk Robbos

Very proud of you Luke! Such an ambitious challenge, but have no doubt you'll do it! A good time to reflect on things. With you all the way xxxxx


Alistair Banks

Best of luck Luke with your extreme challenges. Hope all goes well.




James Andrews

Huge mate!


Tony Vo

Go get 'em Lukey, right behind you mate!


Indi Sturgeon


David Lamitie

I wish I could be there to witness all of this!


Liz & Andrew Robertson



Darcy Lillecrapp

You’re a great man doing great things! Keep up the awesome work Robbo!


Nathan Rokebrand


Matt Robertson



Charlie Shepperd


Oliver L


Jess Toogood

Good luck Luke, Kate would be so proud💙


Angus M

Keep training hard


Lisa Jeffery

All the very best Luke from the Fisher - Jeffery family ( Lachy Fisher).


Palser Family

Good luck Luke!


Chris & Corne’

All the best Luke and enjoy every moment of your inspirational “April Project”. Your Mum🩵is smiling xx


Cam Dixon

This is unreal! Great man, great cause. So proud!


The Dancer Family

Best of luck Luke.


Dan Chesbrough

Amazing effort Luke, good luck xx



This is so amazing Luke


Leary Family

Awesome work


Jack Lee

This is great Luke


Madeline Dodds

You are an inspiration, courageous and kind. You have got this !!! Super proud of you!!


Issy Shearer


Imogen Dickinson


Ned Gauvin

What your doing is awesome mate, go well!!


Sam Jones


Sam Upton


Sam Allder

Love your work mate keep it up. Proud of ya x


Jackie Lee

Wow, your Mum would be so proud of you!


Eloise Montefiore

Unreal Lukey! Best of luck 💕


Tracey Rusden ❤️

Legendary effort Luke ❤️


Jane Bowman

Go for it Luke Kate was a precious friend, sadly missed, this is so wonderful that you are doing this crazy feat in her honour


Tom Mocatta

Good luck king, you’ll smash it


Jess Hulett


Rebecca Foster


Daiva Fuller

Good luck and be kind to your body.


Baeley Tucker And Family

Well done Robbo!!! So impressive!


Catriona And Leo Neil-dwyer

Congratulations Luke for taking on such an immense challenge. Kate would be chuffed to bits x


Bianca Feher

love u robbo 🫶


Lilly Crawford


Tara Phelps


Eliza Lee

Incredible work Luke 🫶🏻


J & M Feher



Charli Dodson



this is absolutely amazing! so proud of you x


Andy & Cath Bygrave

Wishing you God speed with your challenges. Your mum would be so very proud 💕



Proud of you Luke




Shirley James

Lets hope you reach your target Luke


Jordan Laverty

Love your work Robbo



Good luck brother. Awesome cause.



Good on ya Luke, what a great thing to be doing.


Ben Ransom

Amazing work mate x





Penny And Peter Dixon

amazing challenge or should i say challenges. lots of luck! 🍀


Amy Stronach

Well done Luke, a very good cause close to my heart and many others sadly. Thanks Amy Stronach James's Mum


Suz Elsworth/hodgson

Luke - you're amazing. Following in Kate's inspirational footsteps, I see! Go smash these challenges. 👏👏




Gabrielle Upston

Admirable cause. Good on you.



Fucking Rip in Lad


Katrina Stats

So sorry for your personal experience with bowel cancer and the loss of your beloved mum, Luke. That’s an impressive challenge, good luck!


Charlie Shepperd

So proud of you mate!


Letitia Izzo

you’ve got this!!


Diane Hunter

What a challenge!! Certainly know how to push yourself. Well done. Your mum would be so proud. Hope it goes well and no injuries!! . Have fun!!!


Lucy Cole

Love your work Luke, sooooo proud!


Blessing Mupamhadzi