Kylie Pellizzari

JLF Trek SA 2024

I’m taking part in The JLF Trek to raise awareness for the early detection and prevention of bowel cancer.

I'm taking part in The JLF Trek to spread the message that early detection saves lives. In 2024 I walk in support of Meaghan. I met Meaghan a few years ago at work and then this year watched Meaghan courageously battle bowel cancer. Meaghan at the age of 26 noticed blood in her stool and sought immediate medical assistance. What followed was several colonoscopies and surgeries. I watched on as Meaghan tackled the challenges of bowel cancer treatment with courage and determination. Meaghan is an amazing young woman and an example of why we should all speak up if something doesn't seem right with our bodies and never be embarassed to just get it checked out!

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Alex, Mim & Family Leo


Kon Antoniou

Great cause and amazing commitment


Tony & Sue Lange


Ann Maree Roche

This Christmas we would have celebrated Neil’s 60th birthday. His 50th was a great celebration, the last happy family celebration, before he was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer, 3 months later. Kylie has been a great support to me in the years following, and her dedication to spreading education about bowel cancer is amazing. XXX


Katie Boon

Well done!!


Jack Evans

Awesome work team Pelli’s. Enjoy today