Shane Murray

JLF Trek SA 2024

I'm participating in The JLF Trek SA and raising money for the prevention and early detection of bowel cancer, the second most common cause of cancer-related death in Australia.


I have seen the pain, strength and resilience of so many who have been affected by this disease and know without the amazing work of charity’s like ‘The Jodie Lee Foundation” many more would have experienced something that can be prevented.


I am extremely blessed, a father of six and know statistically sometime in my children’s journey through life unfortunately they will be exposed in some way to this preventable disease and anything at all I can do to reduce these odds why wouldn’t you do what you can.


Donating one dollar or one hundred, helping one person or one hundred, it really doesn’t matter it all helps.

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Thank you to my Donors


Nathan Royce

Good Luck


Tina Toth

Great work my friend. Super proud of you for stepping out and giving this a go. Only happy to donate


Gavin Khalu


Zarah Murray

Love you dadda, proud of you x


Judith Paul

Let’s go, you got this ☺️


Jodi Landwehr


Geoff Nugent

Good luck on the Trek Shane. 🏁 May the hips, knees and toes gods be smiling on you over the 2 days. I’d like to say I wish I was joining, but I’ll leave you to fly the flag for QLD this year 😉




Kerry Paul And Family

Good luck


Leaha Dewe


Nathan ‘the Great’ Lister

Well done ‘Man of the Land’ - top effort


Melanie Luke

Best of luck. A great cause


Vincent Gorham

Sorry I couldn't afford more. Good luck