Sharna Tye

JLF Trek SA 2024

I’m taking part in The JLF Trek to raise awareness for the early detection and prevention of bowel cancer.

This year is my fourth and final year of participating in The JLF Trek. I am doing the trek to raise money for the prevention and early detection of bowel cancer, which is the second most common cause of cancer-related death in Australia.

In February 2023, I unfortunately lost a family friend to bowel cancer. He was always thoughtful, caring and supportive putting everyone before himself. This year also marks Tania’s twin sister Tracey’s 10 year anniversary. This year I will be walking in loving memory of Lane and Tracey with team FPE.

I would love your support to reach my fundraising goal; any amount you can give is greatly appreciated. Please support me in raising money for this wonderful cause! 

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Thank you to my Donors


Ultra Tune Golden Grove

Hurry up Banana there is paperwork waiting for you


Kylie Tye

I am super proud to be walking with you again.


Karen Bradley (new Blight)

Nothing will stop you … you have a super power that not everyone has (so too your mumma bear)!


Michael Tye

Great cause Sharna. Well done for spreading the awareness 👍


Rachel Eberhard

Good Luck Sharna. Have fun and smash it out mate!


Dani Menadue

Found it! Have fun!!


Amanda Dumont

Thank you for dedicating this to lane. He would be proud. Xx


Jo-anne Ragless

Good luck Sharna. Such a great cause.


Abby Parker

So proud of you Sharna! Such an amazing thing you are doing for a great cause ❤️


Jordan Oriley

So proud of you darling, keep smashing life! Love you xxx


Kaitlyn Brown

So proud of you



All the best Sharna. You have a beautiful heart.


Megan Mawhinney


Charli Stevenson

Proud of you! X


Bel Hall

How amazing 👏


Chelsea Comrie

so proud of you girl! donating for my Nanny, Dawn who lost her life to bowel cancer 💔👼






Lauren Plunkett

Whoo hoo! Well done Sharna!


The Johnsons

Banana and Mumma Tye = Legends!!


Imogen Brooksby

Amazing work gorgeous girl!


Emma Cannon

Love your work Banana!


Joan Tye

Enjoy the experience


Luke Rodighiero


Beryl Hunt

You rock Girl. A great cause ❤️🐝


Phyllis Truman

Good luck,stay safe and enjoy.❤️


Brianna Farmer

Crush it, Sharna 💪🏼 🍌


Jordy Hofmeyer

Amazing work Sharna!


Sarah Strybos

Good on you Sharna! Xx


David Truman

Super proud of you💕💕





Amy Hosking

proud of you my girl🤍🤍


Jodie Blight

Enjoy Sharna such a great cause to support


Daniel Bryant


Alicia Malatesta


Jordan Oriley

Go well, love you xx




Abbey Swanbury


Chantal O’riley

Goodluck keep being amazing & proud of you! Xx